Were you falsely accused of a sex crime in Las Vegas

Sex offenses are one of the most frequent falsely alleged crimes. These allegations are particularly egregious, which is why it is essential to prove that allegations are false. A person accused of a sex offense faces the possibility of penalties such as sex offender registration and lengthy imprisonment. If you have been falsely accused of a sex crime, our Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys can help. We help individuals who plead “not guilty” by presenting reasonable doubt and strong evidence against the offense.

There are three major types of false allegations:

  • First Of All, There Are Those Allegations That Are Completely False, Meaning The Event Did Not Occur. These Types Of False Allegations Are Completely Fabricated And Are Typically Easy To Disprove Due To Lack Of Evidence And Witness Testimony.
  • Another False Allegation Involves An Event That Did Occur, But The Wrong Individual Is Being Accused. In These Cases, The Attorney Will Not Attempt To Prove That The Event Never Occurred But Instead Will Focus On Disproving Their Client’s Involvement.
  • Finally, Some False Allegations Are Only Partially False. These Cases Are Typically Riddled With False And True Claims, And The Case Focuses On Distinguishing One From Another.

Reasons for False Allegations

Some FBI reports indicate that up to eight percent of all assault crimes are false accusations while other statistics suggest at least nine percent of rape allegations are false. False allegations may be an attempt at revenge. For example, if a woman wanted to retaliate against her boyfriend, then she might allege that consensual sex was an act of rape.

These types of cases would be focused on determining consent. The event happened, but whether or not the sex was consensual is questionable. False allegations are also common when children are involved. Children are highly impressionable. Parents who believe that sexual abuse is going on could coerce their children into giving a false testimony. Statistics are difficult to come by, but known ones indicate that false allegations of child sex abuse are common.

Defenses Against False Sex Crime Allegations

According to the FBI:

A false allegation crime involves persons reporting a fabricated offense that has occurred against them to a law enforcement agency. Both men and women commit these crimes; however, women perpetrate the majority of them. A limited number of studies have focused on false allegations of adult crimes, with the majority of research addressing cases of rape and, to a lesser degree, stalking.

To prove that an allegation is false, a sex crime attorney can attempt to build a case around motive. Does the alleged victim have any motivation to give a false accusation? Some common reasons for false allegations are mental illnesses, depression, craving sympathy, desire for financial gain, and revenge. If you have been accused of a sex offense, your criminal defense attorney could fight to disprove your connection to the crime by combatting the evidence.

Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyer Representation

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