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Public corruption occurs when an elected or appointed government official violates federal law by demanding, soliciting, accepting, or agreeing to accept something of value in return for being influenced as to how they perform their official duties. Public corruption can come in many forms including bribery, extortion, embezzlement, and other federal crimes.

In the state of California, public corruption charges can be a misdemeanor or felony depending on the value of the item or gift offered. If a judicial officer, juror, arbitrator, appointee of the state, or other individuals who are authorized under the law to resolve or determine a controversy, accepts a bride to sway their decision, they could be facing penalties such as:

  • 2-4 Years Imprisonment
  • $2,000-$10,000 In Fines

If you are facing public corruption charges, your first priority should be to contact our legal team right away. Our lawyers can review the charges filed against you, analyze all evidence and facts of your case, advise you of your legal rights, and then help determine the best course of action to pursue. Do not waste your time with an inexperienced attorney. Public corruption charges are taken extremely seriously by the federal government, law enforcement officials, and prosecuting attorneys. In cases such as this, you need our knowledge and aggressive representation.

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Okabe & Haushalter has a long tradition of success due to our commitment to excellent service. We have been involved in a number of high-profile criminal cases, including the Jesse James case, the Michael Jackson case, and the O.J. Simpson robbery case, where we obtained immunity for our client. One of our founding partners was a legal commentator for CNN during the controversial Casey Anthony trial and we are recognized across the nation as legal analysts.

Our firm’s managing attorney is a former Deputy District Attorney. His years at the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office allowed him to hone his criminal litigation skills, which he now uses to the benefit of all our clients. He plays a key role in the success of our firm, and his experience provides us with invaluable insight into the prosecution’s case.

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