Understanding Criminal Charges of Money Laundering

Money laundering occurs when you conceal the use of funds or money that came from an illegal enterprise. If an individual deposits unlawfully gained funds into a bank account or attempts to pay someone unlawfully gained cash, they may be charged with the federal crime of money laundering. Another example is when a person, such as a businessman, receives a cash transaction. Any transaction beyond $10,000 must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS); if the transaction is not reported or the monies are structured in such a way as to avoid this $10,000 regulation, the individual could face charges of money laundering.

The penalties for a conviction of money laundering can be severe depending on the nature of the crime. The individual may be sentenced at up to 20 years in prison; they are also subject to fines of up to $500,000 or twice the value of the laundered money—whichever is greater. Due to their nature, charges of money laundering charges are commonly accompanied with other federal charges, such as mail fraud or drug trafficking, which can exponentially increase the penalties.

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