Any behavior that an individual considers intimidating, overly aggressive, or excessively annoying can be deemed harassment. The harassed individual has every right to take legal action against the offending individual. While laws do exist to protect individuals from being harassed, sometimes these laws can be taken advantage of and an innocent individual will be charged with harassment. If you stand accused of a harassment-related offense, you should not stand idly by. Hire a Las Vegas domestic violence lawyer to confront these charges so that you can minimize the potential damages of a harassment accusation.

Harassment Charges in a Domestic Setting

In one’s household, many types of behavior could warrant a harassment charge. Threatening the use of violence or psychologically abusing someone living in your home could result in charges being leveled against you. Types of psychological abuse include repeated insults designed to destroy another individual’s self-esteem, overly controlling behavior, bullying, and aggressive interrogation. Stalking someone is another form of harassment in which an individual follows someone or excessively calls, writes, or messages that person. The behavior of this nature can result in a civil harassment restraining order or other legal orders of protection.

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Harassment charges can lead to many negative consequences. In some cases, a harassment conviction can be used against you in divorce or child custody proceedings. Our attorneys at the law firm of Okabe & Haushalter have the in-depth knowledge and experience to defend you against the negative repercussions of harassment accusations. We have extensive credentials and a proven record of success in the courtroom. Do not let a harassment charge keep you from living the life you want to live. Our firm has what it takes to shield you from the damaging impact of a guilty conviction. Speak to one of our attorneys today!

If you stand accused of a harassment-related offense, contact a Las Vegas harassment attorney to defend your honor and your reputation!

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