When do I need a DMV hearing

If you are arrested for drunk driving, two actions will automatically trigger against you. One is the criminal case for the DUI itself and the other is an administrative case with the DMV regarding actions to potentially be taken against your license. The DMV may also suspend your license for other reasons, such as the accumulation of too many points on your license.

Without the help of a lawyer, a DMV hearing can be hard to navigate. Lack of experience or knowledge as to possible defenses can lead to the unnecessary loss of your license. It is therefore important to seek legal representation to protect yourself from the inconvenience of a license suspension. Without the right to drive, almost all aspects of your life are affected—just getting to and from work can become a problem, as can keeping up with your various responsibilities, helping your family, or enjoying an unrestricted social life.

About the DMV Hearing Process

You need to submit a request for your hearing with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles to challenge a license suspension within 7 days of the DUI. If you fail to do so, your license suspension is automatic. An employee of the DMV presides over the hearing and is the administrative judge. Sobriety test results and blood alcohol measurement, witness statements, and testimony of the arresting officer will all be considered.

It is critical to have legal representation from a skilled lawyer during DMV hearings. Your attorney can challenge all evidence presented and fight for your right to retain your license. The administrative judge does not make a decision on the case during the hearing but will notify the attorney in approximately 30 days with a determination. It is important to have a strong legal defense from Okabe & Haushalter during your hearing.

Get Skilled Legal Representation—Call Okabe & Haushalter

At Okabe & Haushalter, our experience means we may be able to salvage your driving privileges. Just like in a criminal case, a DMV hearing allows us to present arguments and evidence and call witnesses. Based upon our thorough investigation and preparation, we can attempt to show up errors in the process of your arrest or testing which lead to an invalidation of the evidence against you. We can also appeal for favorable consideration if you have no criminal record.

Do not hesitate to contact a Las Vegas DMV hearing attorney, who can represent you in a hearing and attempt to protect you from a license suspension.

Avoid License Suspension

In a DMV hearing, an employee of the department acts much as a judge does in a court of law. He or she reviews the facts of the case to ensure that technically the facts warrant suspension or revocation. An experienced DMV hearing defense lawyer who understands the hearing procedure and the laws which apply to the case can question witnesses and present evidence which tells your side of the story. Our legal team has handled numerous suspension and revocation defenses takes the time to analyze your case, and develop a strong defense strategy.

We understand what a suspension can mean and work tirelessly to provide a defense calculated to obtain a positive outcome in DMV hearings concerning:

Don’t lose your right to drive!

It is important that your attorney does everything in their power to protect your reputation, defend your rights, and pursue your best interests. They should do a thorough investigation of their own and challenge the evidence against you to tear apart the prosecution’s defense. Our attorneys at Okabe & Haushalter have ample experience with DMV hearings and they work tirelessly to obtain the most favorable outcome for our clients’ cases. It is essential that you get us involved as soon as possible so you do not miss the legal deadline for the hearing and lose your right to drive. We also want to remind you that you have the right to remain silent and should not speak to law enforcement officials about your case without your attorney being present. So contact our Las Vegas office today and obtain the qualified defense you need.

Whether you are facing criminal charges or an administrative DMV hearing, you need high-quality legal representation. Call Okabe and Haushalter for an initial consultation.

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